Back In Black!

Grabmyaxe fans...Hank is finally back! 

Some serious health problems plagued me since last Nov, but I'm finally back at the Anvil!!!!

Exciting things to come, booking some shows and I have a whole bunch a Sharp new Axes and Trad Blacksmith art pieces to show off and for you to buy!!!!

Lots of new Custom Orders!

Well the forge has been busy with many custom orders! It's been Amazing, thanks to all those who purchased Axes and Knives!! 

Check out MY WORK to see them!

Remember...WINTER AND XMAS IS COMING! A Custom Axe is the BEST GIFT! Trust me, they will LOVE IT! 

ORDER soon, I'm gettign booked up for XMAS! 

Catch up!

So Hank (That's me!) has been busy-busy as of late!

Last weekend I did Live Black-smithing Demo's at The Royal Medieval Faire in Waterloo - WOW, what an amazing event, and I had such a great time! Thanks for all the customers who purchased from me, and to the spectators....thanks so much you made this event great for me!!

Gotta thank the organizers and especially Sue-Anne who was so great - thanks all!!

WOW! SUPER Weekend, and Westfield Heritage Village!

Craftadian, and The Punk Rock Flea Market were AMAZING!!, thanks to the organizers! I sold most of my AXES!!! Better get back to work!!

Thank you so much to everyone who purchased from me, I really appreciate the support, & I hope you LOVE your new AXES!

This coming weekend (Spet 3rd), I'll be training with the Master Blacksmith at Westfield Heritage Village! So excited & grateful that Mr. Young is helping me brush up on my skills! Stoked to Volunteer & help educated folks about Black-smithing at this Amazing site!


Back from Holiday & Training - AMAZING NEWS!

So I'm back at the Forge from a holiday and some great training. BIG STUFF is coming in Sept!! AMAZING NEWS -- 

GRAB MY AXE will be at the ROYAL MEDIEVAL FAIRE in Waterloo, Ont. Sept 16th doing LIVE Knife making Demonstrations! Yes, I'll be forging KNIVES right in front of you!!! You gotta come and check it out! 

Now in its 20th season, the faire is an interactive day consisting of vendors, hands-on displays, food & beverages, games, celtic music, magic, swordplay, ceili (old-fashion Irish dance), authentic costumes & decorations, plus much more.

Admission is $10.00 per adult, $5.00 for kids 12 years old and under, $20 Family Rate (2 adults, 2 kids), kids under 2 years and Disability Assistants are free.

This event is suitable for all ages and has something to offer everyone. The admission covers everything in the park except vendor merchandise, food and beverages. It is a great day for the entire family and those interested in history and the arts.

See EVENTS for more info!

Great time at Merritt Hall!

Hamilton Millitaria Collectors Society show was AMAZING!!! Met so many great folks, sold 6 Axes, 2 being Grabmyaxe made! Check the pic out in THE RIDDLE OF STEEL! Also, special thanks to Alex Bajkor my long time knife making buddy for getting me into the show & has been kind enough to give me some lessons on blade craft! 


Rock-Biter the Mason Hammer-Hawk!

First Mason Hammer-Hawk is done!!! Check out ROCK-BITER's transformation pics in MY WORK. and come and Grab him at my booth at the Ancaster Fair grounds this Sunday!! 

See EVENTS for more info!!

Hamilton Millitaria Collectors Society
Sunday, August 6, 2017
7:30am 12:00pm
New Merit Hall
630 Trinity Road South Jerseyville, ON, L0R 1R0

1st and 2nd Hammer-Hawks & My Mark!

First and 2nd Hammer-Hawks in the works! Super fun to make, and loads of Steel on the hammer heads so many options too! #1 was a Tiny Ball-peen & is really special...He's got a long history and it's an honor to Transform him for his owner! 2nd Hammer was a masonry hammer...a big'un - lots of Sledge Hammer smashing to flatten him out I tells ya! 

Lastly, made up my Makers Mark - check it out along with the Hammer-Hawks in MY WORK

Axe Throwing & Designing

Hey everyone, back at the workshop today finally getting my makers mark ready...nothing spectacular yet but HR is a start! My buddy Merlin dropped by today to the forge and we had a blast knife n Axe throwing! Check out the riddle of steel for our Adventure-time pics My work has some concept draw overs also. 

Paracord Axe-bondage, Pappy Goat, & Berries!

Bunch of super cool Paracord came into the forge today! Some Axe's are getting annealed (heated up in the homestead oven) tonight, then tied up real good. 

Next is Pappy Goat... his original cast-off form was a misshapen double wrench that no body loved. This is his 2nd go... he was destined for greatness weeks ago, but the forge welding test he was involved with ended in disaster! Pappy Goat lost a lot of his body....but today he's been forged anew!  

Blackberries - tis the season! So good, & if you visit, you can pick some! Yes Visit!